Breakfast with Tim Costello

CPD Seminar - 21 November 2019

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  • Date 21/11/2019
  • Time 07:15 am - 08:45 am
  • Price $55
  • Quantity
  • Catering: Includes a sit down breakfast
  • Chair: Greens List
  • Presenter: Tim Costello
  • Venue The Essoign Club, Owen Dixon Chambers, Level 1, 205 William Street, Melbourne, 3000


Join us for breakfast with Australia's favourite activist and man of the people, Tim Costello.

Tim's latest publication A Lot with a Little is more than a simple life story. This is a book about individual and community, public and private, spiritual and material, equality and liberty – and, most of all, about faith and its power to sustain in the face of the world’s big issues.

Join us as Tim explores the people and experiences that have shaped him into a socially active fighter for the world’s most challenging issues.

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