Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien Barrister

1. I have had extensive experience in both common law and commercial law.  This has involved running complex cases in all of the Courts.

2. I was one of the first members of the Bar to undertake an intensive course of instruction in mediation conducted by the Dispute Resolution Centre in November 1993.  I have been accredited by the Victorian Bar as a qualified Mediator since the latter date, and on the 12th June 2008 I obtained National Accreditation followed by my accreditation as an advanced mediator on the 24th July 2008.

3   I have served as an active member for approximately ten years of the Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee which is involved in a whole range of issues. In addition I co-authored  "Confidentiality  In Mediations" and have assisted in running all the courses organised by our Committee for aspiring mediators. 

4.  During the last  25 years I have mediated extensively in Personal Injury and Commercial cases.  I have enjoyed a high resolution rate which I attribute to, in no small measure, to the preparation I put in, but even more importantly, I am prepared to allow the parties as much time as it takes, rather than rushing off to another mediation.  I have mediated extensively in Retail Lease Disputes, disputes between Small Business Operators as well as disputes involving members of professional associations.  I also conduct mediations for the Small Business Commissioner in a number of areas.

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