Mitch Brogden Barrister

Mitch Brogden


Gorman Chambers

Room 0933

460 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000

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Mitch’s practice is predominantly in criminal law, both written and in court advocacy.

Mitch accepts both defence and prosecution briefs in all criminal and quasi-criminal matters, appearing before all courts and tribunals in Victoria. He appears in both the summary and indictable jurisdictions at any stage of proceeding: bail applications, contest mentions, contested hearings, committals, pleas, trials and appeals.

He also accepts briefs in coronial inquests, disciplinary proceedings on behalf of regulatory bodies and respondents, WorkSafe matters, child protection, intervention order hearings and family law. 

Mitch comes to the Bar with extensive advocacy experience in criminal law. He specialises in written advocacy and advice relating to criminal procedure, the rules of evidence and sentencing.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Mitch spent six years with Victoria Police. He regularly appeared as an advocate in the Magistrates Court and Children’s Court. Those matters included sexual offences, assaults, family violence, property offences, drug offences, traffic offences, proceeds of crime and other offences against the person.

Mitch has also appeared in the Koori Court, family violence intervention order hearings, proceedings under the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Act 1997 as well as other ancillary applications.

Having been a member of the specialist sexual offences team, Mitch regularly appeared in complex sexual offences including rape, sexual assault and sexual offences involving children. He mastered skills in witness conferencing, particularly in matters involving vulnerable witnesses such as children and those with a mental impairment. He was a member of the steering committee for the Victorian Intermediaries Pilot Program and has provided training to other advocates in this area.

Mitch has a comprehensive knowledge of criminal law and has provided legal advice and training in areas including criminal procedure, evidence, sexual offences, intermediaries and traffic law. During his time with Victoria Police, Mitch developed a broad understanding of Victoria Police policy and procedure.

Mitch has a Bachelor of Laws from La Trobe University, a Graduate Certificate in Police Prosecution & Diploma of Public Safety (Policing).

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