CPDS Seminar: When Small Business Relationships Go Sour

  • Author : Travis Mitchell - 01-11-2013

On 20 November 2013 I will be presenting a seminar and workshop for CPDS in Melbourne, titled ‘When Small Business Relationships Go Sour’.

Although framed in a small business context, the focus is on ending business structures and recovering assets, and is equally applicable to larger structures.  I will cover corporations, trusts and partnerships.

In particular, I will discuss recent developments in remedies for oppression, the just and equitable winding up provisions of the Corporations Act, dissolution of partnerships, removal of trustees, vesting of trust assets and Barnes v Addy claims.  I will also speak about the practical considerations involved in choosing the right forum to bring proceedings.

I encourage you to attend.  The session carries 3 CPD points. If you are interested, the seminar brochure is found here: Seminar Brochure

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