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  • Author : Felicity Gerry QC - 03-08-2017

Greens List newest recruit Felicity Gerry QC appeared last month in the High Court of Australia on an appeal relating to the interpretation of Section 353A Criminal Law Consolidation Act (SA) on ‘substantial miscarriage of justice’ and the admissibility of fresh evidence on appeal. Judgment is reserved.

Details here: http://www.hcourt.gov.au/cases/case_a8-2017

Felicity will be in Sydney this week delivering training to judges in the BangladeshJudiciary Management Project and Research Programme at the University of Western Sydney. Her section of the training will be on Terrorism, Money Laundering, Issues in International Law and Links between Financing Organisations and Trans-national Crime (including illegal wildlife trade). This year, Felicity has published a chapter in the Fourth volume in the European Integration and Democracy Series, devoted to Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Relations as a Challenge for Democracy: ‘Terrorism and Paedophilia on the internet: A Global and Balanced Cyber-Rights Response is Required to Combat Cybercrime, not Knee-Jerk Regulation’.

Details here - http://intersentia.com/en/trans-atlantic-data-privacy-relations-as-a-challenge-for-democracy.html

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