Securing your .au — direct domain registration and what we know so far

  • Author : Gautam Mukherji - 04-09-2017

Barrister Gautam Mukherji has written an article for Lexis Nexis Internet Law Bulletin that deals with the proposed direct registration system for domain names in Australia.

The article can be downloaded here 

Key takeaways from Gautam's article include:

  • Direct registration is happening. Exactly “when” is still unclear.

  • Survey data compiled by the .au Domain Admin- istration (auDA) indicates there is an appetite within the business community in Australia for registrations in the .au direct registration space.

  • The policies that will govern this new domain space are yet to be determined. They are however likely to be very similar to policies which apply in relation to current Australia-specific domain name registrations, while also adopting aspects of the policies in NZ and the UK.

  • It is critical that businesses and practitioners remain vigilant in the coming months:

    • —  as to when policies are released to ensure that they can comment on a preferred way forward; and

    • —  as to when a registry is established and the process for determining rights begins to ensure that their interests are registered within relevant time limits.

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