Tendency Ruling - Martin Henderson (a pseudonym) v The Queen

  • Author : Felicity Gerry QC - 06-09-2017

Felicity Gerry QC appears in Henderson (a pseudonym) v The Queen an appeal on tendency, relationship and context evidence. The Court of Appeal accepted Felicity's submissions that applications to adduce evidence of charged and uncharged acts must be specific and that if evidence is not admissible as tendency evidence, it is doubtful that it could ever be admitted as relationship or context evidence:

"Such a course, to use the words of senior counsel for the applicant, would appear to be an attempt to avoid the legislative requirements of ss 97 and 101(2) of the Evidence Act"

Read the decision here:

Felicity is a recent addition to Greens List. She works locally, nationally and internationally and is available for serious and complex criminal trial and appellate work. 


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