The Mortgagee’s Power of Sale available

  • Author : Robert Hay QC - 06-12-2012

The latest edition of The Mortgagee's Power of Sale has been published.  Now in its third edition this book started life in 1980. The book is primarily written for practitioners and the text is arranged, as far as possible, in the same chronological order as the steps a mortgagee may take in selling mortgaged property under the power of sale.

Clyde Croft (now Justice Croft of the Supreme Court of Victoria) was the sole author of the first edition and is a co-author of the third edition with Robert Hay. The Chief Justice of the Supremce Court of Victoria, the Honourable Marilyn Warren AC has kindly written the foreword.  A formal launch for the book is likely to be held in late January 2013.

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