The Revolt of the Quiet Australians – Losers in the COVID Assistance Battle

  • Author : Christopher Wallis - 17-04-2020

In five crazy COVID 19 weeks we have seen front line medical staff perform under extreme pressure all the while fearing having to provide the dreaded response:


"we have a ventilator for you" OR 


"we don't have a ventilator for you".  


In the last four weeks Parliament has passed hundreds of pages of legislation. 

Since 9 April front-line tax professionals, including ATO officers, lawyers and accountants, have joined the economic front line - absorbing the technicalities of the legislation and advising clients, whose businesses and maybe their life's work, has been crushed by Government policy.  The front line tax professionals are having to say:


"you get help" OR 


"you don't get help".  


The COVID 19 pressure for front line tax professionals, coupled with their own commercial uncertainty, can be overwhelming for some.  


To date we have marvelled at the ATO agility and the speed with which the ATO has worked and its communications. 


Front line tax professionals need to ATO to continue operating at that amazing level for a while yet.


And front line tax professionals need to refer issues to the ATO rather than adopt alternatives. 


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