• Episode 6 : Felicity Gerry QC




  • Episode 6 : Felicity Gerry QC

Felicity Gerry QC has a dynamic and fascinating Life in the Law, taking her from Essex to Melbourne via Nottingham, Tenerife and Darwin (to name a few). She has worked in areas as varied as terrorism, cybercrime and human trafficking, with highlights including a stay of execution for a woman on death row in the Philippines and the celebrated R v Jogee case, which the BBC called “a genuine moment in legal history.” 


Felicity Gerry’s website


4 Corners: ‘Australia’s Shame’, uncovering Don Dale prison in Darwin


Foreign Correspondent: ‘Mary Jane, The Woman Who Escaped A Firing Squad’


Middle Temple in of Court


R v Jogee


'Joint enterprise exposes all that is wrong with out justice system', The Justice Gap


Book: Accessorial Liability after Jogee


Episode transcription