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Jonathan practices in general commercial, taxation (state and federal), trusts and insolvency law. He is regularly briefed to appear in all jurisdictions, both at first instance and appellate levels. He has appeared before the High Court on several occasions, most recently representing the successful appellant, unled, in Rozenblit v Vainer [2018] HCA 23. 

Jonathan advises on complex commercial and tax-related issues. He is also an accomplished and sought after mediator and negotiator. His negotiation skill set draws on 20 years’ business experience at CEO/director level in the field of IT, as well as his prior professional work in counseling psychology.

Jonathan graduated Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws, both with distinction. He was invited to teach Corporations Law, Equity and Trusts at Monash University. He was awarded the Society of Construction Law Award for Construction Law in 2016, and, earlier, the Law Institute of Victoria Prize as dux of the College of Law. Jonathan also has teaching qualifications. His work has been published in the Building and Construction Law Journal: The measure of damages for breach of a construction contract where there is no economic loss,  (2018) 34(3) BCL 159.

Jonathan’s recent litigated matters include:

  • Rozenblit v Vainer  [2018] HCA 23; [2017] VSCA 52; [2016] VSC 251 - a series of appeals, ultimately successful, in relation to the circumstances in which proceedings can be stayed where an impecunious litigant fails to pay an interlocutory costs order. Unled.
  • Decleah Investments Pty Ltd and Prince Removal and Storage Pty Ltd as Trustees for the PRS Unit Trust v Commissioner of Taxation (No 2) [2018] FCA 717 - successful appeal in relation to validity of a valuation for purposes of the GST margin scheme, unled.
  • Mondous v Commissioner of State Revenue [2017] VSC 416 - successful stamp duty appeal, involving questions of issue estoppel, abuse of process, trusts and property law, unled. The Commissioner appealed, and Jonathan appeared again, led by David Batt QC. Decision currently reserved.
  • Rainn Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue [2016] VSCA 338 - an appeal in relation to the interpretation of the primary production exemptions to land tax, led by Stuart Morris QC
  • Goulburn Murray Water v Valuer General Victoria [2016] VCAT 1703 - Jonathan acted, unled, for the Valuer General in a dispute regarding the correct valuation of Lake Eildon and other water storage areas.
  • Kameel v Commissioner of State Revenue [2016] VSCA 83; Commissioner of State Revenue v Kameel [2015] VSC 329 - successful appeals in relation to the interpretation of sections 14 and 15 of the Land Tax Act 2005, led by Peter Fox QC
  • Frontlink v Commissioner of State Revenue [2016] VSC 25 - Growth Area infrastructure Contribution - important case confirming exemptions for land used for state infrastructure, led by Stuart Morris QC. Subsequent to the successful appeal , the government introduced legislation seeking to disallow those exemptions.
  • RV Investments v Commissioner of Taxation [2014] FCA 1169 - Appeal from AAT Income Tax decision
  • Villela v Telstra Corporation [2014] VCC 914 - 39 day County Court Trial - negligence.
  • Frontlink Pty Ltd v Commissioner of State Revenue [2014] VCAT 1213 - Land tax
  • Sea Shepherd Australia v Commissioner of Taxation [2013] HCA Trans 271 - Special leave application, unled - interpretation of Deductible Gift Recipient provisions in the Income Tax Assessent Act 1997.
  • Sea Shepherd Australia v Commissioner of Taxation [2013] FCAFC 68 - Appeal to Full Federal Court, unled - interpretation of Deductible Gift Recipient provisions in the Income Tax Assessent Act 1997.
  • Connect TV v All Rounder Investments [2013] FCA 98 - Contempt of Court application, led by Robert Richter QC
  • Cedar Meats v Five Star Lamb [2013] VSC 164 - 5 day trial, contract (abandonment)
  • Villela v Telstra Corporation [2013] VCC 882 - Successful apprehended bias application
  • Norman South Pty Ltd & Geoffrey Edelsten v da Silva [2012] VSC 477 - a high profile case concerning questions of contract and confidential information.
  • Saxby v The Queen [2011] HCA Trans 209 - Special Leave Application - whether arguments in a taxation objection constitute representations, led by David Grace QC.

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