Justin Rizzi Barrister

Justin Rizzi


Owen Dixon Chambers West

Room 1102

525 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

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Justin’s practice generally consists of disputes involving wills, trusts, equity, probate and real property.

He is accredited with the Law Institute of Victoria as a specialist in Wills and Estates and is currently completing a Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne. 

Justin is consistently recognised in Doyles Guide as one of Victoria’s leading Wills and Estates Litigation Barristers. 

A selection of Court of Appeal matters in which Justin has appeared include:

O'Connor v James [2019] VSCA 265 (compromise of contested probate proceedings)

Wales v Wales [2015] VSCA 345 (family trust dispute) led by R C Wells

A selection of Supreme Court matters in which Justin has appeared include:

Re Besanko [2020] VSC 170 (defending probate of video Will)

Re Besanko (No 2) [2020] VSC 281 (costs of informal Will proceedings)

Re Wattie; Wattie v Wattie [2019] VSC 701 (costs against solicitor under CPA)

Re Warner [2019] VSC 656 (passing over executor)

EBG v KPZ [2019] VSC 630 (VCAT direction to administrator to withdraw family provision claim)

Linke & Ors v Linke & Ors [2018] VSC 505 (complex equitable claim over family farm)

Linke & Ors v Linke & Ors (No 2) [2018] VSC 815 (costs of defendant separately represented)

Re Wood [2018] VSC 597 (approval of infant compromise)

Singer v Spiewak & Anor [2018] VSC 521 (breach of fiduciary duty by an attorney)

Re Parr; State Trustees Limited v Nicholson [2018] VSC 359 (testamentary capacity case)

IMO the Estate of John Panagopoulos [2018] VSC 134 (grant of probate in solemn form)

Re Anderson [2017] VSC 338 (revocation of grant of probate)

Re Watson [2017] VSC 322 (revocation of grant of probate)

Kempson v Davison [2016] VSC 366 (extension of orders sought by administrator)

Re Sanders [2016] VSC 694 (application to admit informal will to probate)

A selection of County Court and VCAT matters in which Justin has appeared include:

Cocks v Cocks [2020] VCC 103 (constructive or resulting trust case)

Dreamfields Pty Ltd v Zacutti [2018] VCC 2073 (contract and equity case)

Cherukuri v Danthuluri (Civil Claims) [2016] VCAT 1444 (definition of ‘services’ under the ACL)

Farrugia v State Trustee Limited [2016] VCC (family provision trial – reasons restricted)

Prior to coming to the bar Justin practised at a national law firm.

To get in touch with Justin Rizzi | or for more information please contact the Clerk on: +61 3 9225 7222 or clerkb@greenslist.com.au

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