• Episode 7 : Shaun Braybrook ACM




  • Episode 7 : Shaun Braybrook ACM

Shaun Braybrook ACM has worked across many areas of the Victorian Justice System, supporting and empowering indigenous men and women. He is now the general manager of Wulgunggo Ngalu Learning Place in country Victoria, which provides Koori men on a Community Corrections Order an important opportunity to learn new skills, reconnect with or further strengthen their culture and participate in programs and activities to help them address their offending behaviour. It was an absolute pleasure to have Shaun on the show and learn more about the impactful work he does.


NOTE: There are two points discussed in this epsidoe that we would like to clarify: 

- The cultural awareness training that Shaun ran was at Metropolitan Remand Centre (MCR), within Ravenhall.

- There are now over 200 Indigenous staff within the Department of Community Safety (DJCS) not Corrections Victoria. 


TALK: Shaun Braybrook - A Cultural Journey of Change


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