Felicity Gerry QC Seeking Pardon for Christine Keeler

  • Author : Greens List - 19-11-2020

In an interesting case in the UK, list member Felicity Gerry QC is working towards a posthumous pardon for sixties icon Christine Keeler, arguing that she was wrongly convicted of perjury in 1963.


Christine's son Seymour Platt, 49, has appointed Felicity Gerry QC to press the Lord Chancellor to recommend that the Queen grant the pardon, relying on the precedent set by the pardon of Alan Turing, the father of computer science, who was posthumously pardoned in 2013 for his conviction of gross indecency.


Felicity was quoted saying "a posthumous pardon is an opportunity to acknowledge historic discrimination and the the legacy for women today"


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